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Coffin ships

9. října 2018 v 21:04

In popular culture[edit]

In The Pogues song "Thousands Are Sailing", the ghost of an Irish immigrant laments, "…on a coffin ship I came here/ And I never even got so far that they could change my name." Also Kenn Gordon & 1916 song"The Ships", The story of how they were crammed in and not really expected to actually survive the journey that they had paid for. Both those from the Highland clearances of Sutherland and Caithness and those poor Irish farmers.
Additionally, the Irish metal bands Cruachan and Primordial both have songs entitled "The Coffin Ships". Primordial's version was released on their 2005 album The Gathering Wilderness, whilst Cruachan's (unrelated) song was written for their 2007 album, The Morrigan's Call. The Australian/Irish band Clann Zú also makes mention of coffin ships in the song Black Coats and Bandages.
Irish poet Eavan Boland mentions the coffin ships in her poem "In a Bad Light" from the collection In a Time of Violence, and in her memoir Object Lessons: The Life of the Woman and the Poet in Our Time.
Flogging Molly, a popular Irish-American band with punk tendencies, uses the term "coffin ship" in their song "You Won't Make a Fool Out of Me" from their album Float. The quote is as follows: "But green is the heart of your greed / That much I can tell / you may think you're the captain of me / But I'm your coffin ship from hell"
Frank Herbert's novel The White Plague which is about a worldwide plague-like virus that only killed women featured modern coffin ships which carried Irish people back home to their deaths, as demanded by the novel's antagonist who had released the virus.[10]

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