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Duben 2015

Zahi Hawass vs Graham Hancock -- the April 2015 "debate" debacle

25. dubna 2015 v 18:31

Zahi Hawass vs Graham Hancock -- the April 2015 "debate" debacle

From Graham Hancock:
Self-styled "world's most famous Egyptologist" Zahi Hawass had agreed to participate with me on 22 April 2015 in what was billed and advertised as "the first open debate between the representatives of two completely different versions of history." Each of us was to give a one-hour presentation, followed by a debate in which the audience would join in with questions. In the event the debate never happened. Zahi refused to accept a coin-toss to decide the speaking order and insisted that I speak first. I agreed to this, despite the fact that the first speaker is at a slight disadvantage in any debate since he does not have the opportunity to hear the other speaker's presentation before giving his own.

Before most of the audience had arrived, I was checking the focus on the slides in my PowerPoint presentation prior to giving my talk and I put up on the screen an image which shows the Orion/Pyramids correlation and the Sphinx/Leo correlation at Giza in the epoch of 10,500 BC. Rightly and properly since the Orion correlation is Robert Bauval's discovery I included a portrait of Robert Bauval in the slide. As soon as Zahi saw Robert's image he became furiously angry, shouted at me, made insulting and demeaning comments about Robert, and told me that if I dared to mention a single word about Robert in my talk he would walk out and refuse to debate me. I explained that the alternative view of history that I was on stage to represent could not exclude the Orion correlation and therefore could not exclude Robert Bauval. At that, again shouting, Zahi marched out of the debating room. Frantic negotiations then took place off stage between the conference organisers and Zahi. Finally Zahi agreed to return and give his talk and answer questions from the audience, but he refused absolutely to hear or see my talk, or to engage in any debate with me. I therefore gave my talk to the audience without Zahi present (he sat in a room outside the conference hall while I spoke). When I had finished I answered questions from the audience. Then Zahi entered, gave his talk, answered questions from the audience and left.

One of the few members of the audience who had arrived early did manage to record part of the scene of Zahi storming out of the conference room -- see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ziu2ygE_Wc.

Likewise during Zahi's Q&A he was asked a question about the 11,600-year-old megalithic site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and whether it had any impact on his assessment of the disputed age of the megalithic Great Sphinx of Giza (which I and my colleagues have long argued might be of similar antiquity). Unfortunately it appeared that Zahi was completely ignorant of the existence or implications of Gobekli Tepe, arguably the most important archaeological site in the world, so he was unable to answer the question which he passed on to the moderator who also happened to be an Egyptologist. I did at that point have a brief opportunity to stand up and give my own point of view on Gobekli Tepe and on its implications for the age of the Sphinx -- see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4NnCAZcxHg

I had high hopes for this debate -- that it might bring about some sort of civil dialogue between alternative and mainstream views of history but I was sadly disappointed. Here is a link to a post I made on Facebook 24 hours before the "debate" which will help to put what happened on 22 April into context.

Neuvěřitelné....Zahi Hawass je kokot. Takový člověk má vliv na moderní egyptologii.Smutné.

SLAYER - When The Stillness Comes a jak se roztáčí irská nevěsta...

18. dubna 2015 v 8:10 | Lubomir74

Včera po ránu jsem novinku od Slayer slyšel poprvé- a nemůžu se jí nabažit, připadá mi o sto procent než předchozí nový song Implode,temnota z toho přímo cáká.Ty činely na začátku...a pak ta kytarová stěna, tohle by mne naživo semlelo jako masomlýn.Učiněná holomajzna.

jak říká Kerry King-
Slayer guitarist Kerry King was in an unusually bad mood when he wrote the band's crushing new single, "When the Stillness Comes." "We were touring Europe and we had a three-hour ride in some fucking minivan, and I'm just miserable in the backseat, not into anything," he says of the song, which is streaming below. "So I just stated jotting down hateful thoughts. It's about a dude who wakes up at a crime scene and realizes he's killed everybody. It's really cool."
Makám na nové věci, vypadá to,že to bude kompaktní záležitost, ještě přesně nevím, název bude něco jako ,,Roztočit v kole irskou nevěstu" , příběh chlápka který se plíží nocí ,novodobý Herbert West,který se nezastaví před ničím ,je rozhodnutý reanimovat své představy,jenže ty jsou bohužel z kusů mrtvého masa,pořád se mi tam plete islám, minulý pátek jsem na jeden zátah nadrtil snad deset dvanáct věcí, úplně posedlý tou myšlenkou....
Ten Slayer je neuvěřitelný, točím to teď popáté, kdyby takové bylo celé nové album!

Words to live by.

5. dubna 2015 v 10:28 | Lubomir74
"I don't trust anyone who doesn't like Slayer" - Mike Patton.

Veselé Velikonoc přejí...

5. dubna 2015 v 10:19 | Lubomir74

Veselé Velikonoce přejí Tomikovi , Pivovar Hrádek Slavičín a Christopher Lambert!