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Červenec 2012

Seek to all

31. července 2012 v 21:48
Seek to all a myslím tím, od nejkrásnějších koziček až po plná ňadra- jaké je to být na olympiáděa plakat?

Ancient Olympics Had "Spectacular" Opening Ceremony, Pagan Partying

28. července 2012 v 16:09

Ancient Olympics Had "Spectacular" Opening Ceremony, Pagan Partying

As if raw athleticism weren't enough, the ancient Olympics were the "total pagan entertainment package," kicked off with an opening ceremony as memorable in its way as anything in 2012 London, says Tony Perrotet, author of The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games.

A "Woodstock of antiquity" followed, with nonexistent sanitation, pervasive prostitution, broken bones, animal sacrifice, and even doping. Also sports.

The historian spoke with National Geographic News before the 2004 Athens Olympics. His accounts remain illuminating today, as the Olympic torch-a modern invention, by the way-ignites the London games.

Zahájení Olympiády

28. července 2012 v 16:00
Včera naprosto famózní zahájení Olympiády-zážitek, s vynikajícím Kennethem Branaghem- pak mě ale dostali sportovci, jejichž nekonečný špalír jsem nedal. Co mě ale znechutilo, byli Češi v gumácích-odporné!

What Space Smells Like

25. července 2012 v 16:02

What Space Smells Like

When astronauts return from space walks and remove their helmets, they are welcomed back with a peculiar smell. An odor that is distinct and weird: something, astronauts have described it, like "seared steak." And also: "hot metal." And also: "welding fumes."

Our extraterrestrial explorers are remarkably consistent in describing Space Scent in meaty-metallic terms. "Space," astronaut Tony Antonelli has said, "definitely has a smell that's different than anything else." Space, three-time spacewalker Thomas Jones has put it, "carries a distinct odor of ozone, a faint acrid smell."

Space, Jones elaborated, smells a little like gunpowder. It is "sulfurous.".

Na co se dnes chystáme ? Díky Hell - vzhůru na - Macbetha!

23. července 2012 v 17:24

When shall we three meet again - in thunder, lightning, or rain?
When the hurly burly's done, when the battle's lost and won
That will be ere that set of sun
Where the place? - upon the heath
And there to meet with Macbeth!

Poprvé na Williama!

Hell lyrics-The quest

22. července 2012 v 17:21

The Quest

Searching for something - I look to the open door
I feel a raw anticipation I have never known before
Strange sensations shake my senses to the core
My head is reeling, but my body craves for more

If you truly believe in what you do
Your dreams one day will come true
If you truly believe in what you do
One day your dreams will come true

Braving the unknown I walk through the open door
Could this be my reincarnation? I have felt this thrill before
The revelations of rebirth fill me with the greatest awe
My addiction to adrenaline screams for ever more

Program na Brutal assault 2012-čiré šílenství!!!

20. července 2012 v 16:53


Warm-Up show - Wednesday - 17:00

Saturday 11. 08. 2012

Nasa counts down the hours to its latest mission: is there life on Mars?

19. července 2012 v 19:27

Nasa counts down the hours to its latest mission: is there life on Mars?

A giant space probe is set to plunge into the atmosphere of Mars at a speed of more than 13,000mph in a few weeks' time. For the following seven minutes, its onboard computer will issue electronic instructions to direct the craft through manoeuvres of unprecedented complexity to guide it to the ground. Atmospheric friction and later a giant parachute will cut its speed to a few hundred miles per hour. Then rocket engines will fire and the probe will slow down until it hovers about 20 metres above the surface of the Red Planet.


18. července 2012 v 7:02