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Halloween 2010

31. října 2010 v 17:53 | Lubomír

Po ránu na Halloween to nejlepší!

31. října 2010 v 8:05

Forgive me ,father, i have sinned-Cradle of filth klip

30. října 2010 v 19:08

musím po celodenním poslechu uznat že je nový Cradle opravdu dobrý! ale chce to poslouchat a poslouchat,ideální to budo komplet s texty!

Definice Venus aversa-odkaz na nový Cradle of filth: Darkly,darkly,Venus aversa

30. října 2010 v 12:55
Venus aversa:A euphemism for anal intercourse, from Latin, dating back to the 19th century or earlier. Also "aversa Venus".
Usage: "The sexual relationship has in no case involved venus aversa." -- Havelock Ellis

Venus aversa:
Coital position where the lovers are front to back; penetration from the rear. Coined in the 1960s; seldom heard today.

Velice výstižná recenze na nový Cradle of filth

30. října 2010 v 12:32
Diving into Jewish mythology for an over-the-top theatrical metal concept album from COF.
by Iann Robinson
Oct 26, 2010


You got Black Metal in my Goth Metal!
Well you got Goth Metal in my Black Metal!

So the argument has gone on for years concerning Cradle Of Filth. Too soft for some, to lacking in weepy emotion for others, Cradle has always stood out on their own. I've never had any feeling about Cradle Of Filth either way, and while, to me, they sound like Tim Burton's idea of a metal band, I've always respected they're desire to do what they want. 

Their newest studio offering Darkly, Darkly, Venus, Aversa will do little to stymie the debate over Cradle Of Filth, but for fans this is a solid album from end to end. Cradle know how to construct a song, how to push melodrama into rage and strike a nice balance between the two. With Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, the band once again delves into the world of the concept record.

The concept this time focuses on a character found in Jewish Mythology named Lilith. According to the oldest Babylonian Talmud, Lilith was Adam's first wife in the Garden Of Eden. Lilith refused to be subservient to Adam and then mated with archangel Samael leading to her demonizing. Though the story raises eyebrows amongst religious scholars, Cradle Of Filth have embraced it and applied their own story. Darkly, Darkly, Venus, Aversa is about the resurgence of Lilith in modern society as deity as told via a Goth, horror story. It's the kind of over-the-top theatrical metal that has been Cradle Of Filth's bread and butter.

Sound wise the album brings in elements of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate (yes, both bands) but without losing that Cradle Of Filth vibe. Scratchy, screaming vocals, double bass drumming, fast riffs and solos, all punctuated by epic keyboards and organs. If, stylistically, there's little change to what Cradle Of Filth has done in the past, this is a much more solid songwriting effort. 

I've always been turned off by the amount of filler Cradle Of Filth albums contained, songs that had no place or sounded rushed and boring. There's none of that on Darkly, Darkly, Venus, Aversa. Instead you get a well thought out, nicely executed, metal record that doesn't fit snugly into any one genre.

As solid as the songs are, they're still Cradle Of Filth songs, and that can be problematic for anybody who isn't a dedicated fan Most bands that exist within this exaggerated genre think not just in musical terms but visual ones as well. You can hear in Darkly, Darkly, Venus, Aversa how great the live show would be, or how it would make a fantastic rock opera or film. 

As a straight album, it begins to drag because there's nothing connecting the songs. Individually the songs work but as a unit they fail because musically they run too close to each other. I wish Cradle Of Filth would step even further outside their comfort zone and really attempt to push the envelope of what they do. 

What makes the whole thing even more frustrating are the great moments on the album, moments you wish the band had explored further. In the middle of "The Persecution Song" there's an atmospheric breakdown as vocalist Dani Filth slips into story mode. I wanted them to build on that, maybe do an entire song that was atmospheric. I also love Lucy Atkins vocals on "Lilith Immaculate" and would love for Cradle Of Filth to do more with those kinds of gorgeous female vocals.. In the end everything Cradle Of Filth does is extremely busy and at times it gets boring. I think they're at a place now where some experimentation added to their repertoire would be a good thing.

Overall I dug Darkly, Darkly, Venus, Aversa, even with its issues. Cradle Of Filth is not afraid to be a velvety, gothic, metal band and that's awesome. So much of metal today lacks any theatrics, or if they are it's some macho, silly, dark sense of rage that becomes tedious faster than anything Cradle Of Filth could do on their worst day. Even if I'm not ever going to count myself as a Cradle Of Filth fan I find their attitudes, and their music, refreshing. 


Zvláště tato pasáž:
As a straight album, it begins to drag because there's nothing connecting the songs. Individually the songs work but as a unit they fail because musically they run too close to each other. I wish Cradle Of Filth would step even further outside their comfort zone and really attempt to push the envelope of what they do.

Přesně tak to cítím po dvou posleších!

Luxusní dabing v Castlevanii:Lord of shadows

30. října 2010 v 9:00
Robert CarlyleRobert Carlyle...
Gabriel Belmont (voice)
Jason IsaacsJason Isaacs...
Satan (voice)
Natascha McElhoneNatascha McElhone...
Marie Belmont (voice)
Jason SampsonJason Sampson...
Chupacabras (voice)
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart...
Zobek (voice)

Překvapení minimálně měsíce-Castlevania:lord of shadows

30. října 2010 v 8:49 | Lubomír
Demo nové Castlevanie jsem dohrál ,nebyl jsem nijak překvapen,snad jen luxusní grafikou,a naprostou podobností Danteho Infernu,potažmu God of war. některé prvky byli těžce protaženy přes kopírák,ale proč ne, říkal jsem ,když fungují na sto procent.Demo jsem smazal,ale červ se zahlodal hluboko a zůstal tam skrytý.
 Když jsem si včera vyzvedával nový Fable,uviděl jsem tam Caslevanii:Lord of shadows-a bez nějakého přemýšlení jsem si ji vzal.A neprohloupil jsem . Vynikající kombinace hratelnosti a luxusní grafiky,krvavosti,brutalityobtížnosti a mixu japonského pohledu na evropské legendy plné vlkodlaků,upírů a někde v dálce číhající Baby Jagy mně dostala tak,že jsem nakonec očekávaný Fable nechal až na dnešek a vrhl jsem se do rvačky s tvory temnot až do pozdních ranních hodin.
 Když jsem pak na několikrát pokořil monstrózního Ledového Titána,bosse před dvě obrazovky a setkal se s graficky neuvěřitelným Panem,bylo jasno-zatím je to překvapení minimálně měsíce!